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How Important is the Victim’s Testimony in a Criminal Case?

How Important is the Victims Testimony in a Criminal Case?


One popular myth that appears to persist in the minds of the general population is that there can be no prosecution for a crime if the victim of that crime does not want to proceed with the prosecution and/or does not wish to press […]

What is Selective Prosecution and How Does It Impact My Criminal Case?

Introduction to Selective Prosecution

person pointing at you as an example of selective prosecutionAmerican citizens and residents who find themselves charged with a crime have a legitimate expectation that they will be treated fairly by the prosecution. When the prosecution does not treat a defendant fairly, the […]

Prosecutorial Misconduct: When Prosecutors Misbehave


prosecutorial misconduct

It has often been said that the criminal justice system favors the accused by affording defendants significant protections and rights at all stages of a criminal proceeding. While some victim advocates claim this is unfair because victims do not have many rights, the American criminal justice […]

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