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Know Your Rights Regarding Car Searches

Introduction to Know Your Rights Regarding Car Searches

Introduction to Know Your Rights Regarding Car SearchesYou have been pulled over by a police officer. On the side of the road at night, the officer hands you your license and ticket before asking if you have anything illegal in […]

New Trial Based On Discovering New Evidence

Introduction to New Trial Based on Discovering New Evidence

Introduction to New Trial Based on Discovering New EvidenceWhen it comes to a criminal trial, defendants should generally “lay all of their cards on the table” and introduce every relevant piece of evidence that may, however slightly, indicate that the […]

What is the Difference Between Child Pornography and Naked Photographs?

Introduction to the Difference Between Child Pornography and Naked PhotographsDifference Between Child Pornography and Naked Photographs as explained by the Tucson Criminal Attorneys at Ariano & Associates

Child pornography is a crime that has received a great deal of media attention in recent years. Not only this, law […]

How Important is Voir Dire?

Introduction to How Important is Voir Dire

introduction to how important is voir dire in a criminal caseYou may have heard news reports or watched trials (real or fictitious) where the attorneys were able to select quickly a jury and begin trying the case in short order. You […]

Privileges in Your Criminal Case

Introduction to Privileges in Your Criminal Case

privileges in your criminal caseIn proving its case against you, the prosecution will rely on evidence and the testimony of various witnesses. In a significant number of cases, the prosecution may have no direct evidence of your involvement in criminal activity at […]

What is a Deadly Weapon?


Introduction to What is a Deadly Weapon?

introduction to what is a deadly weaponLegislatures throughout the country routinely enact statutes that punish similar crimes differently depending on a number of factors. For example, property crimes – crimes like theft and burglary that are carried out against a person’s […]

Theft in Arizona

Introduction to Theft in Arizonaintroduction to theft in arizona

Whether leaving a store without paying for a candy bar or “borrowing” your neighbor’s car without his or her permission, a theft conviction can result in serious sanctions and collateral consequences. As a result, you should take any theft […]

What is Selective Prosecution and How Does It Impact My Criminal Case?

Introduction to Selective Prosecution

person pointing at you as an example of selective prosecutionAmerican citizens and residents who find themselves charged with a crime have a legitimate expectation that they will be treated fairly by the prosecution. When the prosecution does not treat a defendant fairly, the […]

Prosecutorial Misconduct: When Prosecutors Misbehave


prosecutorial misconduct

It has often been said that the criminal justice system favors the accused by affording defendants significant protections and rights at all stages of a criminal proceeding. While some victim advocates claim this is unfair because victims do not have many rights, the American criminal justice […]

When the Police Lie in Your Case


police lieRecent national events have caused cast a suspicion eye on police activities throughout the country. If ever there was a time when the public gave police officers the benefit of the doubt in a questionable situation, that time has passed. Now, law enforcement officers are finding […]

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