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introduction to theft in arizona

Theft in Arizona

Introduction to Theft in Arizona Whether leaving a store without paying for a candy bar or “borrowing” your neighbor’s car without his or her permission, a theft conviction can result in serious sanctions and collateral consequences. As a result, you should take any theft charge seriously and deal with the matter aggressively. Before accepting the […]
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person pointing at you as an example of selective prosecution

What is Selective Prosecution and How Does It Impact My Criminal Case?

Introduction to Selective Prosecution American citizens and residents who find themselves charged with a crime have a legitimate expectation that they will be treated fairly by the prosecution. When the prosecution does not treat a defendant fairly, the first question defendants will usually want answered is whether there is anything they can do about it. […]
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When the Police Lie in Your Case

Introduction  Recent national events have caused cast a suspicion eye on police activities throughout the country. If ever there was a time when the public gave police officers the benefit of the doubt in a questionable situation, that time has passed. Now, law enforcement officers are finding that even once-accepted and routine police practices are […]
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Discovery in a Criminal Case

Introduction Over the years, the legal community has come to disfavor “trials by surprise.” In times past, litigants in any dispute would “surprise” their opponents with witnesses and evidence on the day of trial. The other party would need to be resourceful to effectively combat the testimony or evidence presented. These days are gone: now, […]
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The Trouble with Child Witnesses

Introduction to Child Witnesses in Criminal Cases Most everyone knows what happens when a witness is called to testify in a criminal case: that witness must swear to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” before he or she is allowed to testify. In fact, this is only part of the […]
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You probably already know that I am a criminal law attorney in Arizona. What you may not know is that, as the founder of Ariano & Reppucci, PLLC, I am also a small business owner. I chose this career path because I value the freedom it offers me. This is a freedom I can pass […]
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