arizona police misconduct

Arizona Police Misconduct and Brutality

Arizona Police Misconduct and Brutality: What Are Your Rights? The work of police officers in Arizona is regulated by strict rules. On occasion, the use of force may be justified. It should be used to keep a suspect from fleeing or causing somebody else harm. Excessive physical and lethal force, however, cannot be utilized. These […]
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when are you in police custody

When Are You In Police Custody?

When Are You in Police Custody? Introduction In the realm of criminal law, the time you are placed in police custody matters. So, when are you in police custody? Being placed in custody triggers a host of rights and required warnings, some of which include: Before being placed in custody officers must have probable cause […]
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When the Police Lie in Your Case

Introduction  Recent national events have caused cast a suspicion eye on police activities throughout the country. If ever there was a time when the public gave police officers the benefit of the doubt in a questionable situation, that time has passed. Now, law enforcement officers are finding that even once-accepted and routine police practices are […]
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