Property Crime in Arizona

Property Crime in Arizona In Arizona, a property crime can include robbery, burglary, or both grand and petty theft. In legal terms, theft involves taking another person’s property illegally, regardless of its value or any ancillary criminal charges. Unfortunately, property criminal law is complex and often difficult to understand. If you are charged with a […]
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carjacking charges

Carjacking Charges in Arizona

Carjacking Charges in Arizona Theft charges in the state of Arizona can take on many different forms. There are different punishments for different types of charges associated with theft in Arizona. One of the more aggressive charges for theft results from carjacking. Carjacking is the violent theft of an occupied vehicle. Carjacking, if convicted, is […]
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burglary definition

Burglary Definition in Arizona

Burglary Definition in Arizona Burglary, commonly known as breaking and entering, is a serious crime with harsh penalties. Rightly so, people want to feel safe in their house and business owners want to know their premises are secure. However, most people fail to look at the reasons why a person commits a burglary. This matters […]
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