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Find Out About Robbery and Aggravated Robbery Arizona

Find Out About Robert and Aggravated Robbery Arizona

aggravated robbery arizonaThere is a thin line between the charges of robbery and aggravated robbery in the state of Arizona.

ROBBERY A.R.S. 13-1902

When a person commits a robbery, they are taking property that does not belong to them. This is […]

Manslaughter Charges in Arizona

Manslaughter Charges in Arizona

manslaughter chargesThere is no such thing as voluntary or involuntary manslaughter in Arizona. It is either negligent homicide or manslaughter.

Arizona law has broad definitions of manslaughter, with numerous possible scenarios. They can include the following situations:

  • Intentionally assisting another person in committing suicide – […]

Self Defense vs Assault: What’s the Main Difference?

Self Defense vs Assault: What’s the Main Difference?

self defense vs assaultWhen are you defending yourself and when are you committing assault? There’s a fine legal line that you could be crossing in Arizona. You need to know what your rights are but you should also be aware […]

Negligent Homicide Charges in Arizona

Negligent Homicide Charges in Arizona

negligent homicide charges in arizonaKilling another person will usually lead to criminal charges but when we get to legal specifics, things can become a bit more complicated. There’s a difference between manslaughter and negligent homicide, for example. The second crime is defined in […]

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