How to Help Your Criminal Defense Attorney Win Your Case

How to Help Your Criminal Defense Attorney Win Your Case

How to Help Your Criminal Defense Attorney Win Your Case

From the moment you learn that law enforcement is suspicious that you committed a crime, you should hire an Arizona criminal defense lawyer. Criminal law is complex, and you certainly don’t want to waive your rights to an attorney. No matter the circumstances surrounding your arrest or the charges against you, it’s smart to seek counsel from someone who has in-depth knowledge of the laws in your state.

Some of the special skills that attorneys have include:

  • Knowledge in how to present case evidence
  • Tactics for convincing the courts of your innocence
  • Understanding of times when law enforcement oversteps their boundaries
  • Ways to avoid a criminal conviction
  • Negotiation tactics for plea deals

But you have a role to play in your defense as well. What you say and the actions you take throughout proceedings will impact your case. Here’s what you need to know about how to help your criminal defense attorney win your case.

Remain silent

You’ve probably heard the saying from crime shows “you have the right to remain silent.” It’s not just your right to remain silent, but you must do so until your lawyer is present. Failing to remain silent during questioning and invoking your right to a lawyer can harm your case immensely.

Anything you say before your lawyer being present makes it harder for them to defend you and removes their ability to guide you in what to say throughout the process.

What you tell your lawyer is protected under attorney-client privilege. So it’s best if you seek counsel from an attorney before speaking to law enforcement.

Allow your lawyer to handle the case

When you try to intervene in handling your criminal case, you can harm your chances of avoiding conviction. Lawyers know what they’re doing in how they handle your case. The maneuvers they make and negotiations they engage in might not make total sense to you. Trust the process and trust that your attorney is working hard for you.

If anything seems unclear, ask your attorney in private about what’s happening with your case. But avoid intervening where you shouldn’t.

Don’t answer before your lawyer during questioning

During questioning, don’t answer a question without giving your lawyer time to respond. They might want to intervene to avoid a question or ask that the prosecution to rephrase it to avoid leading you. Take your attorney’s lead during this process.

Answer your attorney’s questions honestly

When you first meet with your criminal defense attorney, they’ll be working hard to understand what happened and what evidence there is against you. The attorney will likely ask you a series of questions. Remember that your conversations with the attorney are completely confidential.

Answer your attorney’s questions honestly and with as much clarity as you possibly can. This will help your legal defense.

Provide your attorney details and witness information

Holding back information from your attorney will do more harm than good in your case. Be clear about the case details and offer witness suggestions.

Witnesses are essential to criminal defense strategies. Give as many details about the witness as you possibly can to your lawyer. This might include name and contact information as well as their involvement in the case.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney

Criminal charges are not something you want to take lightly. The sooner you hire an attorney, the better your attorney can protect your rights and help you avoid conviction.

During your initial consultation with your attorney, listen carefully to their advice and the next steps you should take. This part of your case will guide you in understanding your role in the legal proceedings.

If you have questions about our office or need a criminal defense attorney, contact us immediately.

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