new driving laws in arizona

New Driving Laws in Arizona in 2018

New Driving Laws in Arizona in 2018 Two bills related to driving were passed in 2018 in the Arizona Legislature. Below is a brief summary of the new driving laws in Arizona. Driving laws effect the vast majority of Arizonians, so being cognizant of these changes will help you be aware of the penalties out […]
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statutory rape laws in arizona

Statutory Rape Laws in Arizona

Statutory Rape Laws in Arizona The Arizona age of consent is 18, which means that individuals who are younger do not have the legal right to provide consent for participation in sexual activity. Whenever such activity occurs between an adult and a minor, charges may be pressed under statutory rape laws in Arizona. Statutory Rape […]
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arizona drug possession laws

What are the Arizona Drug Possession Laws?

What Are the Arizona Drug Possession Laws? Arizona has strict laws regarding drug possession. If knowingly possess or use illegal drugs, you will face the consequences. If you are found while under the influence of drugs or you have drugs in your possession or near you, you will most likely face felony drug possession charges. […]
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Arizona Human Trafficking Laws

Arizona Human Trafficking Laws Human trafficking remains a serious problem for Arizona because of the state’s network of freeways and the geographic location. According to 2016 information, the increase in human trafficking cases was 30 percent. According to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, there were 151 Arizona cases reported to the hotline, up from 117 […]
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